Crash Cases

A crash case is a case designed by a company to gain more knowledge in the field of communication or to solve a current problem on a short term basis.

Working with the us to solve a crash case means working with a motivated, diverse group of students with a fresh perspective. Our students have knowledge and skills from various technical fields (every student has at least a technical bachelor) ánd relevant communication theories and practice obtained from our masters. This results in a high quality, evidence based report, advice or plan.

Some examples of questions that you can ask our team are:

How can I best communicate about sustainability?
How effective is a science communication event?
How would you organise science communication in Holland?
How to use social media in line with my business strategy?
How to align (corporate) communication with my business strategy or product?

A crash case gives students a unique opportunity to develop themselves and gain relevant experience, but also offers the company a cost-efficient solution.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.