About us

Who are we?
Study Association InterSECtion is the study association of the master study Science Education and Communication (SEC) of the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Since 2008, InterSECtion is organizing activities for the SEC students for fun, but certainly also for giving the students an opportunity to develop themselves.

What do we do?
InterSECtion has two clear goals: enabling the students to professionalize themselves in their field of specialization and organize social activities for the students to create a positive study climate. InterSECtion supports students during and after their studies and provides a link between the students and the SEC staff to improve education. Our mission can be split up into the following aspects:

1. Perspective on the field 
The study association organizes trips to relevant conferences and events, as well as crashcases for a company or governmental organization (e.g. a school), to get insights and experience in the field of Science Communication and Science Education. 

2. Community 
The study association is a community for current (and future students) students by offering them a place to meet, activities to do together and a place to meet in the faculty. Concretely, the study association wants to build the network by offering ‘borrels’, informal lunch meetings and a welcome activity for students. Furthermore, the study association wants to strengthen and maintain the contact between the students and the department, by evaluating the education as described below. Additionally, the study association wants to serve as an alumni association, to keep the former students involved. 

3. Education 
To contribute to the quality of the SEC education, InterSECtion monitors the quality of the education from the student perspective. This happens through formal evaluation sessions at the end of each quarter, but students can also reach out to InterSECtion about the education during the educational period. The feedback is be summarized and communicated to the lecturers by means of a list of recommendations.