Proofreading and Editing Service for the Students of the TU Delft

Dear student,

We all know writing your thesis, or even small reports, can be tough. They require a lot of effort and can be very time demanding. The worst thing of all is that once you think you have your assignment completed, the task of editing and proofreading appears. You think it won’t take long but, in the end, it requires just as much time as it took to make that MATLAB model or to complete some concept art for your portfolio. Moreover, this task becomes much more difficult when English is not your native language.
Well, your life is about to get a bit easier. We at Proofreading & Editing NL are providing a service for students in which you can have your work proofread or edited by native English speakers for a modest price. We are master’s students who have completed countless reports in English and have developed, the hard way, strong report writing skills. We will review your work and edit sentence and paragraph structure accordingly so that it reads coherently and your argument is clear and logical to your professor.

Regarding our prices, we are charging a modest fee of €1.00 per 100 words for proofreading and €1.50 per 100 words when editing is included. Proofreading will be useful to students whose work requires minimal changes (misprints, rephrasing, etc.) whereas if extensive revision is required, we recommend making use of our editing service. The Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word is used so that each student and view and learn from the changes we have made.

Examples of both these services are shown on our Facebook page:

For reports containing less than 5000 words, we aim to have your work returned to you within 3 days!
If you are interested, contact us at with your work in Microsoft Word format.

We wish you success with your studies and hope you will make use of this service.

- The Proofreading and Editing NL Team