Open workshop TU Delft Starship Team

We’re the TU Delft Starship Team (DSTART), a group of students and researchers with a shared passion for interstellar travel, especially starship concepts. We’re currently looking for new team members from all faculties. As the project is very interdisciplinary, we need people from everywhere to achieve this mission! No previous knowledge about aerospace engineering is needed!

With projects such as ‘Breakthrough Starshot’, interstellar exploration is suddenly becoming more of a reality. However, the starships of the future won’t look anything like Star Trek’s Enterprise. At DSTART we integrate engineering, architecture and biology to develop evolvable space technology. We would love to hear if anyone from your community is interested in this! We use a very open collaborative approach, with a weekly work session (details below). 

DSTART was launched by Angelo Vermeulen, a space systems researcher, biologist and community artist working on his PhD here at TU Delft. In 2013 he was Crew Commander of the NASA-funded HI-SEAS Mars simulation in Hawaii. From 2011-2012 he was a member of the European Space Agency Topical Team Arts & Science (ETTAS). He currently holds positions in two space companies (IPStar and LIQUIFER Systems Group).

When? Each Monday from 4pm-6pm 
Where? TPM, Room B1.300
More Info? Angelo Vermeulen,, +32485711556