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TU Delft | Global Workshop: When Disaster Striks….. How to respond?

May 18th, 2017  12:30 – 15:00 When a disaster strikes, international crisis responders, government agencies and local communities swing into action to support the people affected. Sending relief supplies, setting up reconstruction programs, and sometimes they even put their own life at risk while conducting search and rescue operations. Disaster response is a unique field

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Survey Defensie

The following survey is Dutch only Wij willen jouw mening! Defensie heeft een nieuw programma opgezet voor WO-studenten en is benieuwd naar jouw mening over dit programma. Het invullen van deze survey kost maar drie minuutjes van je tijd en 1 op de 25 respondenten wint ook nog een powerbank. Invullen dus! Met deze link

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12STARTUP Weekend

YES!Delft Students is organising an event we believe can be very interesting for all of you. The first weekend of June (2nd-4th) the 12STARTUP Weekend will take place at YES!Delft. This event consists of multiple workshops and lectures given by various bigger companies and startups, guiding you in the first steps from business idea to

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